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Bank of America cuts business ties with detention centers, private prisons

This article is a year old, but it’s relevant to current events. Here we have not only the ruling class but the banskters no less trying to coopt opposition movements and use “wokeness” as a marketing gimmick. Private prisons are constantly blamed by liberal and left opinion for the prison-industrial complex but which are only seven percent of all prisons. Most prisons are run by the state. And the detention centers angle appeals to the “kids in cages” sentimentalism of liberals. What about the plenty of kids in ordinary juvenile prisons, or the non-kids in ordinary prisons?

By Taylor Telford and  Renae Merle 

Washington Post

Bank of America will cease lending to detention centers and private prisons, making it one of the last big Wall Street bankers to cut ties with the industry as corporations wrestle with whether to cash in on President Trump’s immigration policies or create distance amid increasing public backlash.


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