Tennessee National Guard members lay down shields at protester’s request

The System is clearly concerned about the possible political fragmentation of the armed forces. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper (a Raytheon puppet) recently urged military personnel to “stay apolitical.” He wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t worried about it. During the Vietnam War, service members deserted, mutinied, assassinated officers, etc. Much of that history has been obscured for obvious reasons.

By Rebecca Klar

The Hill

Members of the Tennessee National Guard laid down their shields at the request of peaceful protesters demonstrating at the state Capitol on Monday as part of the nationwide protests in response to George Floyd’s death.

Organizer Justin Jones asked National Guard members who had been called in in response to the demonstration to lay down their shields as the demonstrators stood on the steps of the Capitol, the Tennessean reported.

The Guard members listened and laid down their riot shields. They were met with cheers from the crowd, according to video footage reported of the scene.


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