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Violence ERUPTS In The Streets Of Imperial Decline America

There is some pretty hard-core footage of police brutality in this. Apparently, the cops at a police station in Cincinnatti took down the US flag and put up a “thin blue line” flag. Fourth-generation warfare and tribalism have arrived.

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  1. The (((Thin Blue Line flags))) are PURE EVIL, the law is always evil, All Cops Are Terrorists PERIOD, & there can only be peace when there’s no government period. zthe Cops are always EVIL, because police are always part of the New World Order, which is always RIGHTWING TYRANNY. I hope (((Donald Trump))) the Zionist Tyrant immediately resigns NOW so tgat he’ll never get reelected at all for good riddance. I can’t wait for Trump the Tyrant to resign for good.
    I hope we either get Vermin Supreme, Jesse Ventura, Bob Carroll (the American Solidarity Party candidate who’s running for President), as long as it’s not Trump, Biden, or even worse (((Mike Pence))). I think Joe Biden deserves to be put in a guillotine & (((Mike Pence))) really belongs in a Gas Chamber BIG TIME!

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