On Misrepresenting One’s Opponents

At long as I have known of national-anarchism, I have considered it be to a legitimate, interesting, and important form of anarchism. If other anarchists feel different, fine. The venerable anarchist principles of voluntary association and decentralization are our collective way around such conflicts.

“We do not consider ourselves ‘nationalists’ in the usual sense and the tribalism we espouse is a far cry from recognising existing borders and boundaries like France, Italy and Germany, or indulging ourselves in the jingoistic patriotism that merely reinforces oppressive states and regimes. As for the supremacist issue, we are completely and utterly opposed to that kind of thing and having a particular skin colour or certain other characteristics is not a mark of superiority or inferiority. Incidentally, I would argue that most people in National-Anarchist circles these days have joined us from the left. They trust us, and rightly so. As I always say to people, we have actually unmade more fascists than you can shake a stick at, but we need to remember that the things we actually DO stand for present an enormous challenge to the liberal-left (and the right, come to that), so if they can smear us at the slightest opportunity, they will. The means always justify the ends for these characters and they don’t care whether they are misrepresenting others if they consider them to be serious political rivals.” -Troy Southgate

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  1. Anyone positively affirming some sort of European identity, even when explicitly anti-authoritarian and very critical of historical Fascism and National Socialism, will be tagged as ‘Fascist,’ , racist, etc. by most of the left.

    • That’s so unfortunate that our ideological anarchist comrades can get misguided sometimes. I’m a leftist, & I’m totally cool with you as you’re definitely not even a fash.

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