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Tribes, Tantrums, SJWs, and “The Atheist Movement”

A somewhat interesting discussion of culture war politics from some left-leaning atheist folks. The more interesting parts start about 44 minutes into the discussion.

Two questions that I am sometimes asked are what would my ideal version of an anarchist society actually look like, my endorsement of pluralism aside, and what is my actual position on this-or-that topical issue of controversy?

I don’t really have an “ideal” version of anarchism in the sense of what kind of utopia I would personally prefer to live in, just like I don’t have a single restaurant that is a personal favorite, though I prefer some restaurants over others, just as I have a more favorable view of some blueprints for a proposed utopia than others.

On topical issues, I hold to a variety of far-left (anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-police, prison abolition), liberal (abortion rights, anti-death penalty, civil rights, “cosmopolitan libertinism”), centrist (balance the polar extremes), libertarian (legalize drugs, repeal vice laws), conservative (gun/self-defense rights), and far-right views (freedom of association, speech, and religion include racists, sexists, homophobes, fundamentalists, and other official bad people).  These are the positions that I think are the most consistent with the general application of anarchism as an anti-authoritarian political philosophy. But I am more interested in meta-politics than topical issues.

At the same time, I think there is a wide range of topics on which sincere anarchists and libertarians can disagree on: abortion, anarchism/minarchism, capital punishment, wage labor, animal rights, a range of ecological issues, defining ownership rights, the limits of children’s rights, immigration, inheritance, copyrights, balancing LGBT rights or church/state separation with religious liberty, legal theory, philosophical foundations, strategy/alliances, “humanitarian” interventions during threats of genocide, whether Ayn Rand was a great thinker or (my view) a psychopathic cult leader, voting, pacifism, violence, democracy vs. anti-majoritarianism, “identity” issues, tribalism, religious beliefs, the validity of conspiracy analysis, or this-or-that scientific, medical, or historical heresy. I also think anarchists and libertarians will always have to share space in the world with other perspectives and value systems (hence, the need for panarchism, decentralization, city-states, etc).


Atheist YouTube activists Shannon Q, Jimmy Snow, and Paulogia join Seth Andrews for a candid conversation about atheism, activism, religion, social justice, and the state of the world.

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