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How a South Dakota Native American Reservation Successfully Snuffed Out Coronavirus on Its Own Terms

Decentralization and direct action win again. They knew what they needed and they did it, telling the feds and the dumb bitch governor of South Dakota to go fuck themselves in the process. The money quote:

“Having no faith in the American system has saved us,” Bald Eagle said. “If we had put our faith in the American system we would be like the Navajo now.”

Amen, brother.

By Debra Hastings

Inside Edition

The deadly coronavirus wasted no time laying siege to Native Americans as it disproportionately affected minorities across the country.

The poor and disadvantaged suffer significantly more COVID-19 cases than white people. And Native Americans — many of whom have pre-existing medical conditions rendering them especially vulnerable, and have significant elderly populations — suffer the same fate.

But in South Dakota, the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation wasted no time in taking matters into their own hands. Tribal leaders did not wait for state or federal agencies to tell them what to do.

In early March, they effectively locked down their 3-million-acre community, the home to more than 12,000 people, issuing curfews and establishing highway checkpoints that turned away non-residents and those coming from infected areas.


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