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26-Year-Old EMT Shot 8 Times by Louisville Police

Breonna Taylor, who was working as an EMT in Kentucky when the coronavirus pandemic started, was reportedly killed after being shot 8 times by police who mistakenly entered her apartment. Her family is filing a lawsuit accusing the officers of wrongful death, excessive force, and gross negligence.
Back in March, Taylor, who was only 26-years old, was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police officers while serving a drug warrant at her apartment, but nothing illegal was found there. It was eventually found out that the police went to the wrong home and the real suspect was actually already in custody before the raid. Taylor’s family is suing the LMPD officers, saying they “blindly fired” into the home, firing shots into Taylor’s house and neighboring apartments “with a total disregard for the value of human life,” according to the lawsuit.

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