Defending the Undefendable 1 & 2: Two Hilarious Books

Apparently, there is now a third volume to this series.

I was doing an interview with an anarcho-capitalist podcast the other night where these two books were mentioned. They’re two of my favorite libertarian/an-cap oriented works. Walter Block is more of a right-libertarian than I am on economics (he’s an Austrian, I’m closer to Proudhon, or maybe Thorstein Veblen), and he was part of the “Libertarians for Trump” milieu (WTF?). I don’t entirely agree with some of his position on the topics he discusses in these, but I find his irreverence and assault on conventional pieties, left and right, to be profoundly refreshing.

I would generally prefer an anarchist or libertarian movement with attitudes like these as opposed to the usual Republican brown-nosing on the right (“muh tax cuts, man!”) or the anarcho-Democrats on the left “much social fucking justice, man!”).

Defending the Undefendable: The Pimp, Prostitute, Scab, Slumlord ...

Defending the Undefendable II: Freedom in All Realms: Walter Block ...

Defending the Undefendable I


Foreword by Murray N. Rothbard
Commentary by F.A. Hayek


I. Sexual

1. The Prostitute
2. The Pimp
3. The Male Chauvinist Pig

II. Medical

4. The Drug Pusher
5. The Drug Addict

III. Free Speech

6. The Blackmailer
7. The Slanderer and Libeler
8. The Denier of Academic Freedom
9. The Advertiser
10. The Person Who Yells “Fire!” in a Crowded Theater

IV. Outlaw

11. The Gypsy Cab Driver
12. The Ticket Scalper
13. The Dishonest Cop

V. Financial

14. The (Nongovernment) Counterfeiter
15. The Miser
16. The Inheritor
17. The Moneylender
18. The Noncontributor to Charity

VI. Business and Trade

19. The Curmudgeon
20. The Slumlord
21. The Ghetto Merchant
22. The Speculator
23. The Importer
24. The Middleman
25. The Profiteer

VII. Ecology

26. The Stripminer
27. The Litterer
28. The Wastemakers

VIII. Labor

29. The Fat Capitalist-Pig Employer
30. The Scab
31. The Rate Buster
32. The Employer of Child Labor

Defending the Undefendable II

I. Trade.

Multinational enterpriser —
Smuggler —
British petroleum —
Nuclear energy —
Corporate raider —

II. Labor.

Hatchet man —
Home-worker —
Picket-line crosser —
Daycare provider —
Automator —

III. Medical.

Smoker —
Human-organ merchant —
Breast-milk substitute purveyor —

IV. Sex.

Topless in public —
Polygamous marriage —
Burning bed —

V. Discriminators.

Sexist —
Peeping Tom —
Ageist —
Homophobe —
Stereotyper —

VI. Business.

War toy manufacturer —
Colorizer —
Baby seller —
Heritage building destroyer —

VII. Politically incorrect.

Bad Samaritan —
Duelist —
Executioner —
Dwarf thrower —
Intellectual property denier

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  1. Block is great in that he expects not everyone to agree with him. Goofy stuff, and totally not afraid to dabble in the deep end of the pool! Having fun with it.

  2. These may be available in PDF form online if you do a search.

    One thing I’d curious about is what a left-anarchist version of books like this would look like. From Block’s right-libertarian/an-cap perspective he manages to come up with 62 differnent categories between the two books. So what would 62 categories of this be from a left-anarchist perspective?

    The Starbuck’s vandalizer? The Nazi-puncher? The non-bather? The eco-terrorist? The squatter? The shoplifter? The non-schooler? The illegal immigrant? The campus rioter? The animal liberationist? The workplace saboteur? The bank robber? The lazy employee? The delinquent renter? The Internet doxxer?

    We could definitely have fun with this.

  3. God that’s funny!

    Drum circle guru. Unlicensed Cat Sanctuary lady. Pubic Library sink bather. Rich food shelf shopper.

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