The Case for Laissez-Faire Capitalism Reply

Walter Block is much superior to most right-libertarians in that he recognizes that a stateless society would not necessarily be “capitalist” at all.

By Walter Block


Under laissez-faire capitalism, government is limited to armies, which keep foreign bad guys from attacking us; police, to quell local criminals; and courts, to determine guilt and innocence.

This is roughly the position of minimal-government libertarians, or minarchists. The foundation of law in this system is the non-aggression principle (NAP). The NAP provides that anyone may legally do anything he wishes, provided that he respects the sanctity of everyone else’s person and private property. There would indeed be rules and regulations: against murder, rape, trespass, etc.


Homesteading in CHAZ Reply

By Walter Block (responding to Jeff Deist)

Mises Institute

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) is an area of several city blocks in Seattle that has been taken over by a group of people unconnected with the government. They have established a police-free zone and are now busily administering this territory.

Is this a voluntary socialist commune? A free enterprise zone? Are the new inhabitants who have seized control of the area legitimate homesteaders or illegal squatters, that is, trespassers? Who are now the proper owners of this acreage, of the buildings, roads, parks, and houses therein?


Defending the Undefendable 1 & 2: Two Hilarious Books 4

I was doing an interview with an anarcho-capitalist podcast the other night where these two books were mentioned. They’re two of my favorite libertarian/an-cap oriented works. Walter Block is more of a right-libertarian than I am on economics (he’s an Austrian, I’m closer to Proudhon, or maybe Thorstein Veblen), and he was part of the “Libertarians for Trump” milieu (WTF?). I don’t entirely agree with some of his position on the topics he discusses in these, but I find his irreverence and assault on conventional pieties, left and right, to be profoundly refreshing.

I would generally prefer an anarchist or libertarian movement with attitudes like these as opposed to the usual Republican brown-nosing on the right (“muh tax cuts, man!”) or the anarcho-Democrats on the left “much social fucking justice, man!”).