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There is no “Libertarian” Socialism

Actually, there is. And it has nothing to do with centralized control over resources. But whatever. Although it’s interesting that he recognizes that “capitalism” requires the state (I consider honest anarcho-capitalists to be merely a variation of individualist-anarchists, not “capitalists” proper).

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  1. you’re right, Keith Preston, that Libertarian Socialism is totally a real thing, & Anarcho-Capitalism is basically more of a newbie-oriented variant of Individualist Anarchism & Mutualism than actual Capitalism, which is just as authoritarian & collectivisttic as Communism and Fascism.

  2. I’ve been thinking Keith, and I think I figured it out! As someone coming up into the Anarchist subgroup newly, and not 30 years ago, today, the social-anarcos are the stale older fat-green-haired-trans gate keepers who get on democracy now and preach about climate extinction. The an-caps in contrast are the maligned punk side of it…

    Ive always been within the outcast sections of polite society, and there is no goddam way I would ever ID myself with the non-binaries because it is just too mainstream, and obviously designed.

    This whole division seems to be a product of times changing, and the edgy in/out groups getting co-oped like they always do! Take the Wachowski brothers/sisters for example! So edgy. ;P

    • I agree with you that the “anarchist establishment” has basically become the furthest left wing of the Democratic Party, e.g. the “vote blue no matter who” Chomskyites and the “Frosty the Snowman is a white privileged fascist” Gillis/Reid-Ross/Sunshine/Carson types. That’s why I endeavored to develop the “Goofy Gillis Nightmare Party” within anarchism.

      • There is currently an Agroist (self-defined as left) resurgence occurring within the An-Caps, who would more normally classify themselves as right. Rothbard’s left/right and prospects for liberty is also coming into play in that he saw Anarchy as a leftward expression. These streams are translating into an-caps debating amongst themselves on this topic.

        I can totally understand how the Jewish economist nerd-burger wing of anarchy would have been ‘uncool’ back in the day, but now it is where all the crypto-smuggler s and 3D gun-runners are working.

        It may be just aesthetics over real ideology, but over there, ‘community’ is more of a practical thing that must be cultivated, rather then a signaling word used by old commies.

        This is all to say there is for sure is room for what you are trying to accomplish!

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