The Essence of the State

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'an The essence of the state is to condense the errors of all epochs and the special interests of the preferred classes into laws and to perpetuate them as expression of truth and justice. But what the state cannot do because it contradicts the foundations of its existence society can do. The state represents the total amount of denial of all personal freedoms, or the sacrifice all citizens make by giving up parts of their freedom. Anselmo Lorenzo'

“It is only by the abolition of the State, by the conquest of perfect liberty by the individual, by free agreement, association, and absolute free federation that we can reach Anarchism – the possession in common of our social inheritance, and the production in common of all riches.” – Peter Kropotkin, Natural scientist

“Governments not only are not necessary, but are harmful and most highly immoral institutions.” – Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest authors of all time

“If there is a State, there must be domination of one class by another and, as a result, slavery; the State without slavery is unthinkable – and this is why we are the enemies of the State.” – Mikhail Bakunin, Revolutionary

The historical purpose of all state institutions was and still is to protect the property and privileges of the respective ruling classes from the mob. The basis of every state is to exercise control, coercion and violence. All centralized mechanisms serve the rich and powerful of the capitalist economy, who hold the power in their hands and whose interests they enforce through their lobbyists. All police units do not offer impartial help, they enforce the laws of the ruling elites by force. All authorities keep an apparatus running that is used for control and surveillance – the purpose of all of this is not to protect us or to give us security, but to keep the population of every nation in check.

None of this is new or over the top. Dozens of intellectuals and professors have been criticizing all this for decades. They are facts that only ignorance can deny. We have left control of our economy, our resources and our existencial products to the rich and powerful, who use it contrary to our interests. State schools serve to teach us from an early age the beliefs on which economic discipline is founded. They have given the results of scientific research and the related ideas a meaning that will not be a disadvantage for existing institutions. In every country, the ruling classes now determine the school system.

All vital industries, such as food distribution, medical care, education, water and electricity, etc. are subject to capital control; those who want to make a profit out of everything. The fact that people die in hospital waiting rooms is “tragic, but it cannot be changed”. The fact that millions of people die of hunger every year as a result is “tragic, but cannot be changed”. The fact that all our lives are dependent on the will of those who live in luxury is “tragic, but cannot be changed”. The fact that all animal organisms, including humans, are exploited and robbed as a result is “tragic, but what can we do”. What we can do, was portrayed in history quite a few times. And that anarchist alternatives can function, is a historical fact aswell – all that it takes, is our collective will to revolt and reorganize everything from the bottom up. That was done in Spain in 1936 or Ukraine 1916, both functioned a few years, before they were crushed by foreign powers. But fact is, they did function. Time is running out; wake up!

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