Why I Am Not a Constitutionalist: America and the Elite Theory of Democracy

I don’t know how many times I have been asked by mainstream conservatives and reformist libertarians, over the last third of a century or so, why I am an anarchist and not a constitutionalist. This video explains, on a very basic level, how the federal government was created because the original US ruling class feared the states were too weak to suppress rebellions by the lower classes, and how the Constitution was created to perpetuate class rule by the power elite of the era. Part of my theory of revolution is that if the federal government gets taken down first, the (corporate puppet) state and local governments are sitting ducks. Yes, we should appeal to constitutionalism as a tactical effort by holding the ruling class to its word (“Hey, your own charter says….”) and then pointing out their hypocrisy when they fail to deliver. But, other than that, away with the parchment worship, please.

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  1. Adam Kokesh is damn right that the Constitution is actually an Anti-Freedom document, Keith, & boy oh boy Constitutionalists really give me the creeps. I’m far more scared of Constitutionalusts than Nazis & Marxists, which is surprising to hear from an anarchist, & George Carlin told the truth that there’s nothing in American History to be proud of, & America is absolutely NOT the land of freedom at all, it’s nothing but a big fat lie.

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