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How Hong Kong contained its second wave of Covid-19

One thing some of the Asian countries did right was starting to wear masks as soon as the epidemic started. Asian culture is much more “mask-friendly.” Every year during allergy season I see Asian international students wearing masks on university campuses. Meanwhile, the dumbass USG was telling everyone not to wear masks, which is kind of like saying don’t use condoms or clean needles during an AIDS epidemic, and then did an about-face when it was too late.
By Jessie Yeung

Hong Kong had just begun letting its guard down in late February when it was hit by a second wave of the novel coronavirus.

After a brief period of low case numbers, new infections spiked dramatically, prompting a series of additional stringent restrictions.

That second wave now appears to have largely passed. Hong Kong hasn’t had a case of local transmission in more than two weeks.

Hong Kong’s success in surviving multiple waves of the virus provides hard earned lessons to other cities around the world now looking to relax restrictions.

In total, Hong Kong has recorded only 15 new cases since April 20, all of which were people with recent travel history. That brings the city’s total to 1,041 cases and four deaths. Of those total cases, 900 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital.


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