Economics/Class Relations

C. Wright Mills – The Power Elite

C. Wright Mills theory of the “power elite” tends to be the dominant paradigm among radical social scientists today (the ones who aren’t as radical tend to be pluralists). Although I tend to think Mills’ theory is too narrowly constructed as it describes only the right-wing of the ruling class for the most part just as more recent theories of the ruling class (Angelo Codevilla’s, for example) only describe the left-wing of the ruling class. Although a case could be made that Mills’ theory was more accurate in the 1950s when it was devised. James Burnham’s neo-Machiavellian/revisionist Marxist “managerial revolution” theory generally seems to me to be the most plausible description of how modern power systems actually work, with some revisions being required for the world as it is in 2020 as opposed to the 1940s when Burnham developed it (see Codevilla, Sam Francis, Joel Kotkin, Thomas Dye, Thomas Ferguson, William Domhoff, some others).

In the early 1960, Eisenhower spoke to the citizens of the US, warning us about the “Military-Industrial Complex.” Mills, a conflict theorist, theorized about the role of the power elite with regard to politics and control over society.

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