Petition: Landlords should go on “tax strike” to counter rent strike

I’m in favor of this. Tenant strikers take down the landlords, and then landlords take down the government. In fact, a debt strike by debtors, followed by a tax strike by creditors, would essentially kill two birds with one stone.

By Georgia Kromrei

New York Estate News

In response to rent strikes, some landlords are threatening a strike of their own.

An online petition headlined “Property Tax relief or Tax strike” has collected nearly 1,400 signatures supporting a call for landlords to withhold their New York City property taxes. The petition blasts politicians for enabling tenants to not pay rent even if they can.

“We all know that there are tenants that can pay their rent, many of whom are getting severance, all of whom are getting stimulus checks and increased unemployment,” the petition reads. “They aren’t paying, because govt encourages that behavior.”

It also criticizes proposed legislation which would forgive rent and mortgage payments.


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  1. The ultimate scenario will be when renters seize and expropriate their homes from the parasitic rentier class.

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