When Old Heroes Fall

Two writers that have influenced my own thinking as much as any others are Noam Chomsky and Kevin Carson. Chomsky has probably influenced my thinking on international relations to a greater degree than any other writer on the topic, and Carson has probably influenced my thinking on economics more than any other. For this reason, it has been particularly saddening to see both of them descend into madness apparently driven by pathological right-wingophobia. Today, anarchist Noam Chomsky parrots the “Vote Blue, No Matter Who” MSNBC party line (even though MSNBC still won’t let him on the air) while anarchist Kevin Carson trivializes working-class and petite bourgeois protestors unable to make a living because of the lockdowns, and ridicules libertarians concerns about the pandemic being used as a pretext for statist expansion, apparently, because the infinitely threatening right-wing pinup girl Tomi Lahren happens to agree with them.

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  1. Even though Kevin Carson is damn AWESOME on economics, but he happens to be a mixed bag disappointment as person on social media. It seems like he’s in need of a decent spiritual successor, I think it’s time for him to pass the torch, don’t you think, Keith, & I’d so love to take that torch. When I’m ready to write for you, I feel like I shpuld write solutions oriented article inspired by mixing solutions-oriented stuff from the Corbett Report alongside the best political economy stuff C4SS as well as the Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade, Pilleater, Grim Jim, etc.

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