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‘For black folks, it’s like a setup: Are you trying to kill us?’

My take on the current crisis is that freedom, health, and economic needs are all important values, and it’s necessary to make reasonable tradeoffs and balances between each of these. I predictably think that a localized approach is the best approach because it’s obviously true that different places are being affected in different ways. Meanwhile, people should use their freedom of association and not go places or do things that unnecessarily put themselves and others at risk.

By Reis Thebault, Andrew Ba Tran, Vanessa Williams

Washington Post

Sheryl Means already has lost so much to the invisible virus burning through her hometown. Her mother and her aunt died within days of each other. Her sister has been on a ventilator for weeks in a hospital miles away, and there are no visitors allowed in the COVID-19 isolation unit. She has this tightness in her chest, and she’s scared she might be next.


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