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Looking Past the COVID-19 Hysteria

By Welf Herfurth

Well, so far I have been quiet about this Corona virus hysteria because there are to many unknowns and fake news about it. I am totally aware that it is a serious matter and we all must do our thing to combat the spread of it.

Personally, I believe that the measures many governments have put in place will kill many more people than the virus itself. I am just thinking about the suicides that will happen because of business failures, mental health problems because of the isolation, domestic violence, etc. Also, the impact on societies in general considering that we are all pretty social creatures, well some more than others, and need human interaction. Very few “experts” brought that up and are shouted down by the masses that they are not aware on how dangerous the virus is.

What is also undeniable is the fact that most people that call for social isolation come from the upper and middle class, no matter what country they are from. They can afford to sit at home, sip their chardonnay and play board games.

But what about the poor? Here in Brazil most people depend on going to work every day to survive. Right now, most maids, gardeners, swimming pool people, the coconut water sellers, the parking attended, ect. are out of work. If they are lucky their employers continue paying the wages, or part of it, but many do not. Few people “buy forward” services and once the social lockdown finishes will get the services, but many do not.

But the middle and upper class might not long sitting there in relative comfort as there is talk in many countries to bring in a solidarity tax, meaning that people that have above average assets and income have to pay more money to the state who then will distribute it to the less fortunate. In Germany it is called the “Lastenausgleichsgesetz” and there are rumors it will soon be introduced. And there is talk that this solidarity tax will be between 30 and 50% of the individual’s income and worth of assets. Of course not all in one go, but payable over a number of years.

I call that introducing socialism through the backdoor…………..
Anyway, enough of ranting; these are just my personal thoughts. I am aware that we all have to be careful and have take measures to combat the effects of the virus, but right now me think the cure is worse than the virus.

But now to the point that made me write all this. I had an interesting experience with the so-called virus testing that is happening all over the world, including here in Brazil. Some people I know had a test done and the results were not clearly interpretable. So I sent the results to a good friend of mine, we name him drunken Robert, who is a geneticist and knows a bit about this subject. And I was shocked about what he replied.
“For what I understand, this test is a waste of time and money”
And then he forwarded me a remarkably interesting article about these tests that were and are currently developed all around the world. I can only tell you that if you read this article it will make you not only mad, but it will show you how the governments around the world use this tests as only to fool the frightened masses into believing that they know what they do – in my humble opinion.

There is NOT one test that is reliable. NOT ONE

And as usual some companies will get mega rich with phony products because they profiteer from the scared people. People who, since months now, live in a virus echo chamber and are bombarded by the media, no matter if on TV or social media, with apocalyptic “news” and are scared to the hilt. And scared people are easy to be scammed. And these are government approved scams.

So that is why I post this to my FB page to warn you about these tests and their results. Read the article; it is a long one but worthwhile. And as my friend said:

“[ ] …Should have spent the money on a couple bottles of good wine”

Think about it and act accordingly.

Stay healthy and positive.

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