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How Abortion, Guns and Church Closings Made Coronavirus a Culture War

By Jeremy Peters

New York Times

This is what it looks like when a pandemic collides with the culture wars in America.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: People gathered to protest Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order at the Capitol in Harrisburg on Monday. President Trump has encouraged similar demonstrations in several states.

The mayor of Louisville, Ky., warned churches that holding services on Easter Sunday would defy the city’s social distancing guidelines. Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and Senate majority leader, answered with a stern letter, arguing, “Religious people should not be singled out for disfavored treatment.”

The Democratic governor in Michigan extended bans on certain outdoor activities to include using motorboats. Conservatives called her an authoritarian and caricatured her move as a slap at people who enjoy the outdoors. “You can’t go fishing,” a local activist lamented in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”


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  1. ah shit, it’s such a stupid BULLSHIT article, & I always have complete hatred towards both the Democraps & Republicunts! We should all either vote third party or never vote at all period. I feel so completely ashamed to be American, because this giant overloadef farce of an absolute shithole nation is full of absolute idiots who’ll buy into the hideous curse of Mainstream American Binary Politics, which is pure oppression. I believe Grocery Stores alongside Pot Shops & Gun Shops should stay as essential because everybody should be allowed to have both guns & weed, & we all need food, hygiene stuff, etc. It’s an absolute victory for Gamers, Weeaboos/Otakus, & extreme Individualists like me while the Democraps and Republicunts deserve to rot into extinction!
    The (((U.S. Federal Government))) is always the absolutely MOST EVIL (((Government))) in the world EVER, (((Evangelical Christians))) are always the absolutely MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD EVER, & the (((State of Israel))) is always the absolutely MOST EVIL Country in the world EVER. China is innocent, it did nothing wrong, & SMASH ASIAPHOBIA entirely into smithereens. There’s absolutely no such thing as a Chinese Virus, & it’s always (((Israel))) & (((Trump))) who’re the true virus! PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, Keith Preston, & when are you gonna join me & Nicky Reid the Comrade Hermit on that Facebook called I’m just curious that’s all, & eager for you to join. Also, Nicky Reid got banned from Facebook again, & that Zuck the Schmuck keeps trying to suppress my Anti-Trump and Anti-Israel rants.

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