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Green Party Chaos w/ Ian Schlakman

The Green Party is mostly just milquetoast left-progressive/social democratic/SJWish bullshit on domestic policy. They’re pretty good on foreign policy, although at times they seem to straddle the fence between actual anti-imperialism and Samantha Poweresque “human rights imperialism.” On foreign policy, I’m generally inclined to agree more with full-blown commies like Workers World, PSL, and IAC than the social democrats.


Ian Schlakman is a former 2020 Green Party presidential candidate who dropped out of the race in protest over what he considered a rigged nomination process in favor of Howie Hawkins. In this interview, Schlakman explains the internal dynamics of the Green Party — particularly a feud between Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese and Andrea Mérida Cuéllar against former Green Party presidential nominees Jill Stein and David Cobb. Schlakman also discusses Howie Hawkins’ policy record, his concurrent run for socialist party nominations and other 2020 Green Party presidential candidates, including Dario Hunter.

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