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Putin leverages coronavirus chaos to make a direct play to Trump

Right on schedule, CNN is fueling Russophobia, just like FOX has been fueling Sinophobia. As I have said many times, Russia and China are merely backwater but occasionally rebellious provinces in the global capitalist empire. They are no more significant to the world order than major US states like California, Texas, and New York, and less significant than major US client states like Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

By Nicole Gaouette, Marshall Cohen and Michael Conte
Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump are posing for a picture

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin appear to have had more sustained contact with each other in the past two weeks than at any time since 2016, as the Kremlin tries to use the coronavirus pandemic and close personal ties between the two leaders to normalize long-strained relations with Washington.


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  1. I have absolutely zero tolerance towards sinophobia, as well as any kind of asiaphobia as well. That’s (((Fox News))) is always despicable, & I also hate (((Israel))) as well. I have a feeling that I need to start myself my own new personal blog alongside vlogging, & not just prepare for writing articles for this brilliant anarchist site. Also, Keith Preston, explaining my Left-Libertarian, Mutualist, & Individualist Anarchist political and economic views alongside my sociocultural views, hobbies, even my advocacy for interracial love between White Guys and Asian Girls on my upcoming personal blog. Cheers, Keith, PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW YO!

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