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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Won’t Release Prisoners Over COVID Risks

So much for supposedly “progressive” Oregon and its LGBTQ governor. Seriously, how much evidence do we need that “progress,” “diversity,” and “inclusion” outside of any serious critique of and opposition to the state, capital, or imperialism is worthless?

By Conrad Wilson

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Tuesday she won’t release inmates over risks surrounding COVID-19.

The decision comes the day after Brown received the information she requested about 2,836 inmates in the custody of the Oregon Department of Correction that met criteria for possible release: inmates with approved residences, those who were older and at higher risk from the coronavirus and those set to be released in the coming weeks and months, among other requirements.

Inmates inside the state’s 14 prisons are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 because the prisons are more than 95% full and social distancing efforts are extremely challenging. As of Monday, 13 inmates and staff had tested positive for the virus.

Brown said she would not release the inmates during a Tuesday press conference laying out a loose strategy on how Oregon may begin to reopen its economy.

“The question was, do I plan to early release adults in custody as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? The answer is no,” Brown said while taking questions from the media.


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