Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of Congress

Well, he did praise Xi Jinping for declaring himself “president-for-life.”

By Brett Samuels and Jordain Carney

The Hill

President Trump on Wednesday threatened to use his executive power to force both chambers of Congress to adjourn if the Senate did not confirm his nominees for vacancies across the administration.

The president, during a coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden, offered a lengthy diatribe against what he described as congressional obstruction and argued confirming his nominees was more urgent than ever amid the pandemic.

“The Senate should either fulfill its duty and vote on my nominees or it should formally adjourn so I can make recess appointments,” Trump said. “We have a tremendous number of people that have to come into government. And now more so than ever before because of the virus and the problem.”


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  1. Trump should better lose & not get reelected at all, Keith, because he’s a hideous Zionist Tyrant. That’s why I HATE Israel, the Conservative scum who loves the most evil country of the Zionist New World Order Right-wing Tyranny so much, & especially of course Donald Trump the Zionist Tyrant. It’s such a shame that you got banned from Facebook.

    • I don’t vote and recommend that others either abstain or vote third party. But as an observer, I’m marginally rooting for Trump as I was in 2016. He presents the state as it ought to be presented (part mafia/part clown show). Plus, I want to see the neoliberals and their bootlicking “progressive” stooges go down in flames. The Left needs to continue to lose until it can get its shit together. Failure without penalty breeds more failure. Although the Left really isn’t “losing.” Every generational, economic, cultural, and demographic trend is on their side. Of course, I share your contempt for the Republican/FOX News/Likud axis as well.

  2. Even the presidents of territorial and statist democracies or republics tend to be and act as dangerous power addicts. – JZ, 17.4.20.

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