Left and Right

The Steady March of Liberal Hypocrisy

Here’s the money quote:

“Where, one wants to ask Kofman and her co-authors, is the “tolerance” on which liberals pride themselves? Whatever happened to those old leftists, like Noam Chomsky and Peter Singer, who were averse to “gatekeepers,” stressing that absurd ideas and “hate speech” are the price we must pay for free speech? Are we to believe that democracy, and culture, and the life of the mind come at no cost?

ProPublica describes itself as “journalism that holds power to account.” But in order to do that, is it necessary to object to “extremists” having a “safe space”? Despite much liberal hysteria and paranoia, there are very few white supremacists in our country today, and such persons have little cultural influence and no political power.”

By Christopher DeRoot

Taki’s Mag

If you’ve lived to reach a certain age and looked closely at the world, you’ve probably noticed how full of crap people are. Indignant when others engage in behaviors that they think are wrong, they are quite willing to ignore their own failings. More than that, once such failings are pointed out to them, people will insist, in their intractable delusion, that those things never even happened.


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