Home-schooling: Creating Real Alternatives in Education

By Troy Southgate

Nowhere News

ONE OF the main reasons people choose to become involved in political activity, is due to a growing concern towards the kind of world our children will be forced to inherit in the future. As opponents of private and State capitalism we would all like to see a new generation of young people become instilled with our own healthy values, but for a System which allows its moral and intellectual standards to be fixed by the mass society – so that individuality and non-participation are discouraged – this becomes a rather subversive demand. Are we fighting a losing battle or can we somehow ensure that our message of political, social and economic decentralisation is passed on to the youth of tomorrow?


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  1. Although I have some impressions about the National Anarchist Movement, they do have pretty ideas & solutions. I’ll still identify as a Mutualist and an Individualist Anarchist politically, ideologically, & philosophically though. Unschooling is AWESOME though, & I’d so love to try Unschooling College

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