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What’s Really Going On, Anyway?

“There are reports that the virus has now reached the isolated Yanomami tribe of Brazil, but these stories often throw up far more questions than answers. Knowing just how murderous the globalist ruling class can be and the manner in which it has brutally killed its enemies around the world for a number of centuries I would not be surprised if this entire exercise were not a way to dispense with anyone who stands in their way, be it indigenous tribes or millions of homeless people, alcoholics, drug addicts, old people and various others considered to be a burden to the ruthless nation-states of Europe and North America. Perhaps a different (and more serious) kind of virus is being used to dispense with people in different parts of the world, or even in the poorest regions of America, it is impossible to tell at this stage. One thing that seems certain is that the figures said to relate to those dying in the West are highly inaccurate and people are being listed as coronavirus victims when they already had a number of underlying health problems or one of the existing covid viruses that we already know about. People are dying WITH coronavirus, or so we are told, but not necessarily BECAUSE of it. Each time my friends and family start quoting statistics at me I just switch off, because they are merely taking the mass media’s word for it.

As I said, perhaps they are targetting some parts of the world in a more sinister fashion? It is difficult to know what is really happening in Iran, for example, or even whether Iran itself is not simply a performer in the same theatre company. We have to look at all sides in this affair, because we are dealing with some very nasty people and it would be foolish to trust a glorified multi-national corporation that will gladly blow the legs off a Yemeni child or allow an Ethiopian mother to die of starvation as a result of having plunged her country into debt without a single moment’s thought. Why on earth should we start trusting those who have a proven track record in deceit, corruption, extortion, torture, incarceration, colonialism, imperialism and mass genocide? Anyone who takes their word for it is forgetting the victims of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Vietnam, Bengal, Armenia, Peterloo, Tiananmen Square, Congo, Siberia, the Paris Commune and hundreds of other private and state capitalist slaughter-houses. There are people who have spent their entire lives questioning the media and who are now choosing to swallow every word. Whatever happened to the revolutionaries? Never let fear impair your ability to think objectively or keep an open mind.” -Troy Southgate

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