Healthcare Without Governments and Corporations

Virtually all of the mainstream debate over “healthcare reform” amounts to one question: Should the state bureaucracy or corporate feudatories be the ones to run the healthcare system? It’s on the level of medieval peasants arguing about whether healthcare should be provided by the kings’ ministries or lords’ manors. Who cares? It’s pretty sad when anarchists have no idea on healthcare other than to push for expanding (war criminal) Lyndon Johnson’s welfare state (left-anarchists) or regurgitate the Republican line (an-caps). Below are links to some articles and commentaries about how anarchists might approach healthcare, from both left and right as well as both scholarly and popular perspectives.

Healthcare for All: An Informal Guide to Creating an Anarchist Medical System

How Does Healthcare Work in an Anarchist Society?

Healthcare: An Anarchist Approach

Anarchism and Health

Fragments of an Anarchist Public Health

How Would an Anarchist Society Deal with Healthcare?

The Future of Healthcare

Anarchists and Healthcare Reform

Health and Welfare: Rejecting the State in the Status Quo-Examples of an Anarchist Approach

The Anarchist in the Cancer Center

Medicare for All, By All: An Anarchist Approach to the M4A Movement

Radical Healthcare Reform: An Anarchist Approach

Self-Managed Healthcare During the Spanish Revolution

An Anarchist and Healthcare-Young Anabaptist Radicals

An Anarchist is Teaching Patients to Make Their Own Medications

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