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  1. On the ATS Facebook page it’s like some of our followers forgot that we are a bunch of anarchists. It’s to be expected since we’ve got a wide audience.

    • If our readers’ poll is at all accurate or representative, about a third of our audience are non-anarchists/others and another 17% or so are an-caps/libertarians. So about half of our audience is outside the “anti-capitalist anarchist” paradigm, maybe more become we also have a lot of N-As and AWAs (another 1/4 of our audience collectively) and they tend to be a mixed bag on economic issues.

      The US is supposed to be a “free country.” “Free” means you don’t pay. The wealth of the state/ruling class/power elite is derived from looting the general public in millions of different ways. A debt jubilee is merely a means of reparations. Some an-cap types and right-libertarians are probably dragging their feet on this question but they often tend to have an unfortunately limited critique of the role of the state in creating class society, and all the things that go along with it. But it’s possible to be a free marketer and oppose state-enforced debts of the kinds mentioned in the meme. In fact, to be a consistent free marketer, it’s essential to oppose these things (see Proudhon, Warren, Tucker, Spooner, George, Carson, etc.). But ATS is about more than economics. Agree to disagree. In Ancapistan, they can still collect rent and interest if they want.

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