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  1. Contrary to this idiocy, “the free market” is NOT “crumbling”. Who are they looking to build the masks, the ventilators, the vaccines, and the drugs. (Such as chloroquine). And yes, the groceries, and the toilet paper, etc.

    This nonsense is just another example of irrational objection to the free market, or at least the market that OUGHT TO be free.

    Does this crazy woman bother to blame China for concealing this virus? I got tired of waiting for the proper assessment of blame at about 5:00, so I gave up.

    • Krystal and Saager have one of the very best mainstream TV shows out there in terms of overall news and commentary (a low standard to be sure) even if their persistent love for statism is consistently disappointing. I was laughing at her “we need communism to fight coronavirus” monologue. Although I agree with her on debt jubilee.

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