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What Bernie's Campaign Did Right & Wrong

I generally agree with Kulinski’s analysis of how Sanders was eventually overrun by Biden. But I think there are two things Kyle is missing. First, Bernie’s “welfare and wokeness” coalition is just not as popular as Kyle would like for it to be. Yes, it’s popular among Kyle’s left-leaning Millennials. But it’s not popular among culturally cosmopolitan but economically centrist or conservative suburban Democrats, rural white union members who like guns and dislike immigrants, or older African-Americans who like civil rights but dislike gays and atheists. The other thing is that Kyle underestimates the ruthlessness and discipline of the Democrapic Party leadership when it comes to imposing party and ideological discipline. Biden overran Sanders when the party’s leadership and benefactors told the other “moderates” and co-optable “progressives” to step down and essentially give their voters to Biden (or, in the case of Lizzie the Scamster, to assume an obstructionist role in order to continue to deflect votes away from Bernie).

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