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Working Class 3rd Party Is Forming In America!

A Bernie guy takes the first tepid step away from Democrapic Party liberalism toward…a third party! As if we don’t already have plenty of those. In the past, I’ve advocated that actual revolutionaries infiltrate minor parties and other mainstream or relatively mainstream organizations for the purpose of bending […]

Bernie Dropped Out- My Thoughts

This analysis is fairly spot-on.  Hopefully, the Sanders experience will motivate many “progressives” to move in a more radical direction by recognizing neoliberals as the main enemy, rejecting the Democratic Party, rethinking pathological rightwingophobia, and focusing on issues of state, class, and empire instead of “wokeness.” Perhaps some […]

Burlington’s Foreign Policy

A writer at National Review (Neocon Central) inadvertently points out how Sanders has been a complete sell-out on foreign policy as his career has advanced. “Burlington has changed over the past three and a half decades; progressives have moved up in the world. And Sanders’ foreign policy vision […]