Bernie MUZZLES his own delegates on Biden criticism Reply

Sanders seems to have three motivations: 1) he doesn’t want to be seen as a “spoiler” like Ralph Nader; 2) he thinks he might actually be able to exercise influence on a Biden administration, and 3) he probably views this as the equivalent of KPD/SPD unity against the NSDAP in Weimar.

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s tweets blasting Bernie Sanders for giving up after Super Tuesday, the Sanders camp calls for delegates to bar social media attacks on Joe Biden.

Biden Exhibits Cognitive Decline During Endorsement Appearance w/Bernie 1

What could possibly be more pathetic? The neoliberal class handpicks a guy who has been a puppet for the banksters for half a century as its anointed candidate. A guy who has a history of being on the wrong side of every important issue for his entire career (drug war, NAFTA, Clinton’s police state, Iraq). A guy who is in such bad mental health that he will probably be a vegetable by the time his term ends, assuming he gets elected. A guy who got the Democrapic nomination because the neoliberal stooges who run Soros, Inc. pushed their kept politicians to conspire to keep Bernie out. Not once, but twice, in 2016 and 2020.

And now Bernie “I don’t want to be Ralph Nader” Sanders, the opportunist, a supposed “socialist,” who knows better, endorses Alzheimer’s Man, because of…..what? “Orange Man Bad?” And how many progressives, left-liberals, social democrats, etc. are falling in line behind this? Because of…what?

This is why, for the last 20 years, I have pointed out that the Left’s pathological right-wingophobia and pathological obsession with “bigotry” or cultural politics is a disaster. This is where it leads. A “left” is that is nothing more than a collection of stooges for the neoliberal ruling class. A “left” that is essentially to “the right of the right” on economics, class politics and anti-imperialism. Nowadays, Tucker Carlson is more “left-wing” than Joe Biden, with even Republican Congressmen and Trump Cabinet members suddenly joining the Yang Gang on the UBI. And as long as the “left” keeps falling in line with the neoliberals/Democrats, then they are essentially to the “right of the right” as well.

Jimmie Dore really nails it in this segment, particularly with his response to Aaron Mate’s “maintain loyal opposition ‘coz the Paris climate thing or whatever” perspective.

Of course, I don’t agree with Jimmie’s “we need a progressive third party of Sweden-wannabes” perspective either. What we need is a REAL revolutionary anarchist movement (not anarcho-Democrats or anarcho-progressives).

Working Class 3rd Party Is Forming In America! 4

A Bernie guy takes the first tepid step away from Democrapic Party liberalism toward…a third party! As if we don’t already have plenty of those.

In the past, I’ve advocated that actual revolutionaries infiltrate minor parties and other mainstream or relatively mainstream organizations for the purpose of bending them in a more “extremist” direction, and creating a federative alliance of minor parties (led by extremists) as the political arm of an extra-parliamentary revolutionary alliance. But the outside agitation has to always be firmly established before any “insider” maneuvering can be achieved because whatever happens on the “inside” will only come as a response to pressure coming from the “outside.”

Bernie Dropped Out- My Thoughts Reply

This analysis is fairly spot-on.  Hopefully, the Sanders experience will motivate many “progressives” to move in a more radical direction by recognizing neoliberals as the main enemy, rejecting the Democratic Party, rethinking pathological rightwingophobia, and focusing on issues of state, class, and empire instead of “wokeness.” Perhaps some will move toward third-partyism or a more explicit revolutionary leftist. That’s still not where I am, obviously, but it’s getting closer.

Whoopi Goldberg’s outrageous treatment of Bernie on The View Reply

Guinan needs to stick to bartending.

It’s rather remarkable that a lame FDR liberal like Bernie is considered too much for the professional celebrities/neoliberal puppets at The View. That Bernie endorsed Hillary in 2016 (as opposed to, say, Jill Stein) is a blight on his record, not a brownie point.