When People Fall Out of the Rat Race Only to Discover They Have No Other Life

From Troy Southgate:

“People spend their lives complaining about work and yet when they are presented with an unexpected opportunity to step off the treadmill and spend time alone, or with their families, they descend into an undisciplined army of spoiled brats who have just been sent to their room for refusing to eat their greens. Inevitably, despite being surrounded by untold screens and other assorted gadgetry, the endless virtue-signalling begins and semi-literate diatribes bemoaning the sheer torture of having to spend the entire day indoors are smeared across social media like demonstrative excrement on the wall of a dissident prison cell. I am not suggesting that we should quietly obey the orders of our respective political masters like docile pets, or welcome the fact that other people are deciding when we should leave the house, but those of you who have slogged your guts out for the capitalist machine for some considerable time should embrace this period of comparative tranquility with open arms. Study art, learn a language, dig out that dusty old guitar or sit round the table with your children and actually learn to communicate. I hear the birds and insects are already reclaiming Venice, such has been the dramatic transformation of the environment in the absence of mass tourism. You, too, can rediscover your own nature and think about who and what you really are when you finally have the chance to spend a week or two away from the office terminal and the factory floor. Who knows, if there are food shortages lurking on the horizon you may even have something more authentic to complain about than having to spend more time in the company of your partner. Perhaps you will fulfil your hidden destiny at the barricades, or by dodging the bullets and truncheons of the Establishment mercenaries as you ram a stolen truck into a supermarket window and come away with enough fruit and vegetables to feed yourself and your neighbours for an entire month. Failing that, you could always take up origami.”

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