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Washington State Politicians Drop Cynical Attempt to Impose New Taxes on Gold & Silver

By JP Cortez

Sound Money Defense League

Well, here’s some encouraging news.

Efforts in Washington State to impose sales tax on gold and silver were SHUT DOWN today thanks to intense efforts by the Sound Money Defense League, a group of in-state coin dealers led by Dan Duncan, and a large number of vocal grassroots supporters.

Here’s the backstory… 

Last month, a few misguided Washington State representatives introduced a measure to ban high capacity firearm magazines and establish a buyback program. These legislators planned to fund their unconstitutional gun policies with a new tax on constitutional money. 

Their cynical efforts stalled out after hearing testimony from members of national policy groups, such as the Sound Money Defense League, and in-state dealers and industry members. 

Maintaining current law and not levying sales taxation on gold and silver coins and bullion reaffirms their status as money in Washington State, in keeping with Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. 


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