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  1. My problem is that all these ‘experimental communities’ are always hippies, religious nutcases, faggots, etc. all people I could do without. I’d rather pay taxes and risk being shot by the police than talk to college dropouts and Amish people all day.

    Same goes for all this cryptocurrency and agorist horse-shit. Get fucked, get some real money and a real market or go fuck yourself. I am not going to sacrifice my standard of living and convenience just to make some homosexual, ineffectual gesture toward ‘fightin’ da man’. Talk to me when you have enough gold and armed men to destroy the State, until then, go get AIDS.

    • How about you go fuck yourself, stupid patriotard. Cryptocurrencies & Agorism are awesome and kick ASS! Keith Preston is a genius you know, & has many great ideas. How about embrace diversity of ideas, teabagger. The Gold Standard is nothing but a Rothschild Agenda LIE! Monetary Diversity at all costs, Cryptocurrencies, Time Banking with Time-based Labor Money, Mutual Credit, Gem Stones, Silver, & Barter Currencies in general. Money should always grow on trees with infinite value to buy anything we want & need. MARKETS NOT CAPITALISM, & LET THE FREE MARKET EAT THE RICH!

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