Religion and Philosophy

Marxism and Christianity: Analogous or Incompatible?

By Troy Southgate

News from Nowhere

A NUMBER of political commentators have attempted to make a comparison between Marxism and Christianity, emphasising – and with some justification – that not only does each adhere to the linear mode of history, but that they also contain a series of composite elements which follow a rather similar pattern. Indeed, on the face of it there does seem to be a large degree of truth in this assertion and if we examine some of the key tenets it is clear to see why Marxism has always been regarded by its Christian counterparts as a dangerous rival:

(a) the Garden of Eden may be said to accord with the state one finds in Primitive Communism;

(b) the Fall of Man can be compared to the economic disparity one finds in the Division of Labour;

(c) Christ’s persecution can be interpreted as a symbol of the conflict one finds in class society;

(d) the Crucifixion is akin to a situation of revolutionary upheaval;

(e) The Kingdom of God, or Heaven, is analogous to the full realisation of a Communist utopia.


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