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Pompeo has ‘ulterior motives’ in expressing desire to travel to Iran

Press TV. Listen here.

It is clear that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has “ulterior motives” in expressing his desire to travel to Iran and be interviewed by Iranian news media, according to American political analyst Keith Preston.

On Thursday, July 25, Pompeo said he was willing to go to Iran for talks amid tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Asked if he would be willing to go to Tehran, Pompeo said in an interview with Bloomberg TV, “Sure. If that’s the call, I’d happily go there… I would welcome the chance to speak directly to the Iranian people.”

Some independent observers have said that Pompeo is actually not very interested in speaking with the Iranian people, but actually is concerned by the way Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is presenting Iran’s case on the American media to the US public.

They say Pompeo wants to counter Zarif by pushing the idea of travelling to Tehran and speaking to the Iranian media which has suffered several restrictions in the United States. Washington has also pressured social media giants to block Iranian media channels on YouTube and Google.

Preston said that Pompeo “thinks it’s an opportunity to score some propaganda points.”


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  1. Does it make you proud to know our enemies are using your words to incite violence against Americans? Your all over Iranian media today as proof of what a terrible people we are. You run your mouth as you have that right – yet, do you not see how you and not the right – you are the one that is pushing the totalitarian, anti-women, anti- free speech dictators of Iran to feel emboldened to attack innocents in Israel and the West? If not, its time for you to analyze yourself and why you feel the need to run down anyone that feels a sense of patriotism as some far right, fascist nut.

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