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  1. If only you two disagreed on more topics it may have been a more interesting debate! Still, it was a good listen and always interesting to note that ATS’ pan-anarchism is anarchism, and hence agrees with most of what other anarchists have to say. Maybe there would have been less common ground if National Anarchism was brought up more in its relationship to pan-anarchism.

    • Yeah, someone else mentioned that Brent and I are both basically left-anarchists, except I add in some modern tweaks and bring it under the pan-umbrella. The main thing we probably disagree on is tactics, and the relative dangers posed by the authoritarian left, authoritarian right and the state. I may be more accepting of non-lefist versions of anarchism as well. But I’m glad the debate didn’t become a matter of “how fascist are the N-As?”, “Who is most oppressed?” and all the usual stuff.

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