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The Coming Dystopia?

The future of the US, or the future “post-US” or the “future of the Western world” or “the future of the global order, will be rule by the techno-oligarch/new clerisy alliance, where neoliberals constitute “conservatism” and progressives/SJWs constitute “liberalism.” Everyone, including the historic WASP culture, will be a minority. We will have a highly stratified Latin American-style class system with the Rainbow Culture as its self-legitimating state ideology. The emerging ruling class will also have a world empire, a military industrial complex and a police state that it will have inherited from previous regimes.

There are violent extremists on the fringes of the left that resemble 20th century totalitarian movements (like the antifa types) but the present day progressives are more like the religious right. The kind of society they would produce wouldn’t be Stalinism or Maoism. It would be more like a leftist version of the culture of the 1950s, where instead of not being allowed to show Lucy and Ricky in the same bed. TV shows would be required to show a gay couple in every bed. Instead of sexual puritanism, it would be more of a case of race, gender, gay identity puritanism. Instead of claiming comic books cause juvenile delinquency (as they did in the 1950s), they will claim video games cause racism and sexism. Instead of gay conversion therapy, we will have racism/sex conversion therapy (that’s more or less what sensitivity training is). Instead of putting homosexuals, abortionists and pornographers in jail (as they did in the 1950s), it will be “crimes against equality” that land people in jail. Instead of a “Red Scare” there will be a “Brown Scare.” The primary methods of enforcing the PC ideology will be employment, housing, professional and other forms of discrimination, barring from public life, public spaces, etc. Basically, “Jim Crow” for ideological criminals.

The more fanatical the SJWs become the more they will drive people away from the left toward the right, but in a way that has the effect of liberalizing the right to the point that “the right” is just yesterday’s liberalism. Imagine if the neoliberal and technocratic centrist Democrats were the “conservatives” and university and NGO leftists were the “liberals,” that’s a good picture of what the political future will look like. That’s how it is in Europe, Canada and Australia anyway. The more the “right” loses ground politically and culturally, the more extreme and violent it will become (with more violence coming from the left in the process). The more fractious conventional politics becomes, the more people with different beliefs will self-isolate in their own enclaves.

Nor is Trumpism is any kind of solution. It’s part of the problem. Trumpism is just Nixon’s “silent majority” (now a minority) making its last stand. The society of the future will be highly stratified class system where the culture is a Tower of Babel one where everyone is some kind of minority ruled by a technocratic elite.

A major point of disagreement that I have with many on “the Right” is that it is possible or even desirable to turn back the clock to some kind of supposed past Golden Age (the Reagan era, the 1950s, the Third Reich, the 19th century, 1776, the Reformation, the middle ages, or the Roman empire, depending on one’s version of rightism).

I’m interested in moving past the progressive/reactionary dichotomy and embracing all self-determination oriented, alternative culture movements, from romantic medievalists to Oranians to monastic orders to Dolezalites to furries and otherkin. Anyone who generally favors a society based on free associations, voluntary communities and (consequently) decentralized pluralism is welcome under the ATS umbrella.

To use the sci-fi analogies once again, ATS is like “Star Wars,” i.e. the rebel alliance against the empire with as much diversity as the creature cantina. Or “Star Trek,” i.e. infinite diversity in infinite combination united by the “prime directive” (non-aggression principle, non-interference, self-determination for all). That includes all heresies (medical, scientific, historical, philosophical, spiritual, political), all conspiracies, all identities, all religions, all moralities, all subcultures, all countercultures, all sexualities/anti-sexualities, space colonizers, seasteaders, primitivists, transhumanists, subterranean colonizers, etc. That certainly includes those with some kind of traditionalist, conservative, religious, or Eurocentric orientation

A friend who is a self-described “Marxist-syndicalist” recently observed that unions were traditionally a form of “identity politics” for the working class, noting “There is a reason Syndicalism has been influential across the left-right spectrum, from Georges Sorel to Daniel De Leon to Rudolph Rocker. It speaks to an integral human need for mutual aid and community.”

I agree, and as I said in response, why not merely push identity politics to the nth degree?

Unions are really nothing more than “occupational tribes” as opposed to tribes based skin color or religion or something else. I tend to think that in the future the concept of “identity” will become something that’s more diverse than ever, particularly as technology advances, and people are able to organically grow new body parts, or radically alter themselves surgically. People will always want to belong to something. And the race and gender based forms of identity will be no different from fans of different music genres like punk, goth, emo, hip hop, metal, etc. The concept of race and gender will expand as well. For instance, more and more people ethnically mixed backgrounds will form new “races.” The gender binary is already breaking down and the idea of multiple genders beyond the binary that is found in many native and ancient societies is coming back. Even someone like Rachel Dolezal could be a legitimate form of identity. It’s not that different from people from one tribe joining or being adopted by another tribe in past cultures, and adopting the dress, appearance, customs, etc of the other tribe in the process. Even traditionalist forms of identity will just be another subculture like the Amish, Mormons, Hutterites, etc. As we have said in N-AM, why not create tribes around historical, literary, cinematic, dietary, and musical themes. A good example of that is the ComicCon culture. Those events are huge. They get tens of thousands of people there sometimes. If only “radicals” could do as well.

The creature cantina world is coming.

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  1. what you’re describing doesn’t sound like a dystopia to me. I’d love to see American Binary Politics destroyed into smithereens, and mainstream society fall. I’m completely against both traditionalism and modernity. I’m super excited about the most awesome post-modern future. I HATE BOTH Democraps and Republicunts. I despise traditionalism, because it’s nothing but superstitious crap, and I also despise modernity, because it demands conformity to the bourgeoisie. I find post-modernism pretty cool, cause it represents my views and ideals on all kinds of stuff.
    Have you though about joining open source, peer to peer, and alternative social media platforms like MeWe, Minds, Mastodon, GNU Social, Pleroma, Diaspora, Pixelfed, plus Bitchute and Peertube? Not only did I share this amazing article on Minds, I’d also like to show one of my posts on Minds, and even my Minds profile

  2. My ideal “tribe” would be a well-armed, well-trained, well-fed, semi-theocratic warrior band of 25 to 150 individuals. Plants would be grown and animals would be hunted. Sex, race, and health would be irrelevant as is physically realistic. Our most sacred values would be bodily autonomy and personal liberty, including the liberty to exclude certain persons from the tribe. Violence would be an acceptable method of problem-solving.

    If so possible, we would limit this violence to combat training and arena battles. However, despite primarily being an isolated non-interventionist tribe, we may launch preemptive strikes against dangerous expansionist regimes. Stealth and surprise would be our friends. Firearms would certainly be allowed in our community, but we would limit their use to dire circumstances for practical reasons. Knives don’t need ammunition.

    Likewise, use of electricity would be limited. Not so much for any moral or ethical reasons, but to preserve necessary resources, and not spoil ourselves on the convenience of modern amenities. Internet usage would be avoided, because this technology will eventually become too dangerous for our tastes. Motor vehicles would be allowed but limited for basically the same reasons.

    Our community would be guarded by a complex of walls, fences, traps, and armed guards. A primary use for electricity would be the electrified fence. Trade and communication with other communities would be allowed but limited, with passionate resistance against assimilation. Our only real reason for not completely isolating ourselves would be to prevent inbreeding.

    Polygamy, polyamory, homosexuality, abortion, suicide, and drug use would all be tolerated. However, we would certainly warn against any risks involved. Treatment of overly irresponsible or disrespectful behavior may range from counseling to execution. Our rules would be quite simple: you have the right to insult or injure me, but I have the right to insult or injure you. This is the law of the wild.

    In short: My ideal tribe would be heavily inspired by certain warrior orders, such as the Brotherhood Of Steel from Fallout, alongside hedonistic post-apocalyptic raiders like the Fiends and nature-worshipping communes like the Treeminders. Liberty and equality would be kept in a delicate balance, and the rights of both men and women would be determined by either physical or mental strength. You must either defend yourself or earn the respect of someone else who can.

      • You probably wouldn’t make the cut. Sorry, but you don’t seem compatible with the values of my tribe. Pretty much the opposite. You are a feminist, and you oppose abortion. I support abortion so we don’t have to exile pregnant women when the tribe grows too large; I’m a situational anti-natalist, whereas you seem to encourage procreation. What’s your stance on hunting? And cannibalism? Forget to mention cannibalism. Polyamory is basically polygamy, but without the formalities.

        • Yes, I’m very strongly for procreation, and I do support hunting certain animals like deer, bears, & elk for food, using fur, etc. I also support fishing, but I feel completely awkward about cannibalism.

        • For one, how can a man be a feminist since Male Feminism is an oxymoron, just i adore Pro-Life Feminism despite being an autistic Left Libertarian Pantheist man, and compare it to Cinderella all the time. Besides, I’ll leave your tribe alone anyway, I won’t do well in your tribe anyway, because of no internet, which I cannot survive without. while I try to create my own multi-generational post-modern SolarPunk Mutualist Political Economy with petite Pro-Life Feminist Lolita Cinderellas with rainbow Bob haircuts and shiny Mary Janes, encouraging polygamy and procreation, which does makes me sound like a Mormon, which I used to be since I was raised in a formerly LDS family. I’m aware that you sympathize with anti-natalist MRAs while I side with Pro-Life Feminists.

  3. The cantina only exists in the sureality of cinema. I’m the real world the minority majority society will be too politically unstable to be anything but highly stratified and authoratarian. China is the model every prep-school elite in the West has been eyeing for decades. The only problem is tweaking that model to work with a dull mixed race rather than a largely intelligent and homogenous Han.

  4. Speaking of comics, the final issue of Grant Morrison’s Invisibles predicted something similar to what you describe

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