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From Rojava to the Mapuche Struggle: The Kurdish Revolutionary Seed Spreads in Latin America

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For several years, the Kurds have been at the forefront of a revolution in Western Kurdistan (Rojava). Their alternative system to capitalism has resonated all over the globe. Their society is organized according to Democratic Confederalism, an ethical form of political organization that brings together ideas from libertarian municipalism, social ecology, and feminism.

In Latin America, one of the places where Rojava thought has taken root is Wallmapu, the ancestral territory of the Mapuche people, the largest indigenous group in Chile and Argentina. The Mapuche have struggled for centuries against repression, displacement, and dispossession of their territory and lands.

The Mapuche people, inspired by the Kurdish struggle – and especially the Kurdish women’s freedom movement – have been motivated to work with various Chilean groups to form, for example, the Comite de Solidaridad con Kurdistán, Región Chilena y Wallmapu (Committee of Solidarity with Kurdistan, Chilean and Wallmapu Region).

This committee is a communicational platform that disseminates information about the Kurdish struggle and works to bring their model of organization to the Chilean and Mapuche territory. Meanwhile, in Argentina, a country which also denies the Mapuche people their right to self-determination, leftists and feminists have travelled to Kurdistan, and written books about their experiences with the alternative political system being built in the region.


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