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Do We Need a Fifth Political Theory?

Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory is an attempt to create a new ideology beyond lliberal democracy, fascism, and communism while avoiding “prejudices” against any of these. I would argue that the approach of ATS amounts to a “fifth political theory” which involves establishing the anti-authoritarian paradigm (pan-anarchism) as a “revolutionary center” which opposes liberal democracy, fascism, and communism as existential enemies.

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    • Libertarianism in North America has has largely been consumed by culture war politics, i.e. the “Who is most oppressed?” pissing context between the Red and Blue Tribes.

      Todd Seavey has a good description of what has happened to libertarianism: https://www.splicetoday.com/politics-and-media/thick-libertarians

      What I am interested in is advancing what I call the “anti-authoritarian paradigm” as a “revolutionary center” which rejects the liberal/conservative duopoly but also rejects authoritarian ideologies like fascism and communism. Peter Marshall has a book that provides as very good overview of this anti-authoritarian paradigm, and its historical trajectory: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/880355.Demanding_the_Impossible

      • Well, I discovered I was a libertarian in about 1975, upon seeing libertarian literature. It wasn’t that the literature convinced me; I immediately realized I was “there” already, and in fact had always been there.
        Until 1995 I was a “minarchist libertarian”; in 1995 I discovered the solution to what I didn’t then know was David Friedman’s “Hard Problem”, the difficulty (impossibility?) of defending a libertarian or anarchist region from external aggression.
        Having done that, I became an “anarchist libertarian”.

        • I clicked on the link, saw the words “Assassination Politics” at the top of the page, immediately thought of Assassin’s Creed, then backed out so I don’t get in trouble for reading about assassination. I’m kind of a pussy like that. I might go ahead and read it, but I better not get a visit from the men in black.

          • Please notice that I wrote it in 1995-96. Don’t be scared of reading different ideas, especially ones that (I claim) will permanently eliminate militaries, wars, and governments. Sounds improbable? Read it and see.

            • Damn, that’s back when I was a baby….I ain’t so scared about different ideas, just the Feds showing up at my front door. Decided to read it, certainly an interesting concept, but a bit “techy” for me. Is encryption technology really secure enough to do all that?

              • If you Google search ‘ “ethereum” “augur” “assassination” ‘, limiting your cites to anything on or after July 2018, you will see an effort to build a ‘death prediction market’. That is not exactly an ‘assassination market’,, but in principle they are close.

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