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Assessing Donald Trump and His Critics

One of the best assessments of Trump and his opponents I’ve seen to date, from our own Tron Bolome.

“For all the hysteria and bluster, Trump has mostly only delivered on the traditionally leftist side of his platform – trade protectionism, ending the Korean war(!) and preventing us from getting into any new ones, tolerating legal weed, and now prison reform, among other things.

The “right wing” policies that actually passed are conventional beltway bullshit…tax cuts and corp deregulation, ignoring environmental concerns, etc. Nothing has really happened on healthcare, but I don’t think the Republicans have the will, plan, or support for any major overhaul anyway.

The real nationalist stuff the left constantly panics about is mostly rhetorical bluster. He either can’t or won’t deliver on serious, consequential border control, the wall, etc. in a way that would halt or slow the demographic sea change which dooms both the Republican party and classical liberalism, which everyone knows is the real issue here. Trump just speaks with undisguised contempt for the progressive religion, which sends true-believers into apoplectic frenzy, because like in all holy superstitions, open sacrilegious blasphemy jeopardizes the effect of coercive group think.

In reality, his words are mostly junk food thrown to his base without much meat. But the Republicans have never been serious about border control because the capitalists who fund them don’t give a flying fuck about the historic American nation, the people that live in it, or any other human value that can’t be exploited for votes, money, or power. The evil fascist nazi leader’s immigration policy amounts to not blatantly allowing open borders as stated policy.

The other right-wing issues he’s passed are irreverent fluff…no more sex changes on the tax payer dime in the military? Woopety fuckin doo. It was dumb policy but irrelevant, and I could give a fuck what other bizarre indignities willing zog slaves subject themselves to.

So Trump is actually something of a moderate centrist if you look past the bluster, judged even by today’s standards. As opposed to what? A neolib war hawk that replaces idpol grievance mongering for working class advocacy? Fuck that. My biggest fear for Trump was that he would pick a fight with some tinpot dictator in a coke fueled juvenile rage over a personal slight, and here he is talking about how him and Kim Jung Un “fell in love” (lmfao!!!!). With Hillbitch we might be at DefCon 4 in a standoff with the Russians in Syria, with Israel and Iran involved. 1A and 2A would be aggressively attacked in the courts and legislature.

My biggest takeaway from the Trump adventure is concluding once and for all that the modern left is ignorant, fanatical, superstitious, intolerant, gullible, authoritarian, ironically extremely racist, sadistic, totally out of touch with reality, hopelessly corrupted, and very dangerous anywhere near power.”

My own two cents worth.

Once again, one of the most liberal presidents to date, rivaled only by Obama and Carter on some issues. The leftards are waxing hysterical over nothing but made up fantasies about the fascist super villain on the horizon. It’s pathetic how the Western Left has become such a farce and freak show.

In the 1980s, if someone had told me that in 2018 we would have a Republican president that is married to a Playboy model, hangs out with porn stars, rappers, and Hollywood sex tape mavens, favors weed legalization and homo marriage, says that past administrations have been too tough on crime, and wants to consider dissolving NATO, and that he would have the staunch support of the religious right, I would have thought they were nuts. This is one step short from Larry Flynt getting elected president with the backing of Jerry Falwell. For those of us who were on the left end of the “culture wars” of that time period, WE WON. WE WON. WE WON.

I saw a debate between Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in the 80s where Hoffman was still arguing for the 60s model of activism, and Rubin was saying, “What are you talking about? We won!” That’s how I feel today when I see these leftards talking about how America is supposedly a nation bursting at the seems with reactionary conservatism or right-wing fascism. Uh, no, we’re not. For those of us with an anti-authoritarian perspective, there are certainly remnants of past forms of authoritarianism that linger today (like the police state that was developed during the Nixon-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush era). And class relations have gone backward with the reproletarianization of labor. But the rising danger today is authoritarian “liberalism.” The PC ‘tards and nanny statists are the new Moral Majority.


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