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We Know You’re Full of Shit

By R.J. Jacob

Ryan Anarchy

Last week on KTP, Keith and I discussed data from a new study by an independent group of researchers showing that 80 percent of Americans see themselves as against political correctness. Shouldn’t surprise you. Most people don’t even pretend to act “shocked” when someone acts racist or sexist in public. It’s the phony rich people on TV who act like we’re supposed to care about another douchebag and his poetic justice or the next racial/gender/sexual/animal equality BS or whatever it is that we’re supposed to care about this time.

I think one of the main reasons why so many Americans dislike PC is because most Americans aren’t that naive and already know that our news broadcasts are full of shit. In fact, the very notion of talking about what the “political people” on TV are talking about has become a hobby for the more educated and comfortable classes. Most people I know are worried about their bread and butter first and foremost followed by their families. The average person who gives way to the daily grind of “succeeding at life” spends most of his free time drinking, going to the bar, talking to girls, or working out at the gym; and worries about things like family, work, sex, love, depression, trying to save money, and Facebook.

I think “progressive activists” who push PC as a central political social religion have too much free time on their hands. PC anxiety is a luxury for sure. The only people I know who act PC in real life are either lawyers or tech experts with upper-middle-class lifestyles with progressive globalist views or graduate students whose current living situation is comfortable enough to allow them to take up PC as an outward feel-good social hobby while other middle-class progressives mimic the upper-middle-class elite by watching their Real Time with Bill Maher/Anderson Cooper/Colbert Report for rich bitches while the rest of the country doesn’t really give a shit.

Progressive activists who believe they are “making the world a better place” are more like progressive tool bags helping the ruling classes make the world a better mousetrap by figuring out the shit that they think people care about and then pretending to buy into those systems. We now know that this is a small percentage of phony rich people using political correctness to suppress the natural tendency of people to BE PEOPLE while pacifying the poor and working classes by selling them a feeling of moral superiority so that they feel better about themselves instead of empowering people to either work out their issues, overcome their oppressors, or not stress about it.

Fortunately, most people don’t buy it.

Speaking for myself, as someone who didn’t have a wonderful “white lady” come into the streets to save me from drug addiction and homelessness when I was on the street, I have a hard time going along with the volunteer “white lady” from Poverty to Prosperity who goes into the hood to save “African American children from poverty” when I know she’s full of shit and so does everyone else, including black kids from the streets.

That’s just me though. As the Hidden Tribes study shows, there are lots of people who oppose PC for lots of different reasons. However, we all seem to have one thing in common: we know the people on TV are full of shit.

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  1. Unfortunately, not every poor American is so…. enlightened? I’m half asleep right now, so my word choice is….limited. My mother-in-law lives below the poverty line, but she takes the bait. Hook, line, and sinker. She plans on possibly voting this November, even though she never decides who to vote for until the day comes. Back in 2016, she voted for Hillary Clinton, although she’ll fervently deny it. Says my husband and I have no right to complain because we don’t vote.

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