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Keith Preston: Nikki Haley originally part of ‘Never Trumper’ camp

Press TV. Listen here.

Nikki Haley, the outgoing US ambassador to the United Nations, was a member of the “Never Trumper” movement opposed to Donald Trump’s rise to power, an American analyst in Virginia says.

Haley announced Tuesday she was resigning after nearly two years in the post. The former South Carolina governor – one of the few women in the Trump cabinet – gave no reason for her exit.

Keith Preston, chief editor of, told Press TV on Tuesday that Haley had been a vocal critic of President Trump. “She was originally in what they call the Never Trumper camp,” Preston said.

Never Trumpers were a group of established Republicans opposed to Trump’s presidential campaign. They believed the real estate mogul-turned-politician posed a serious threat to America’s national security.

Preston said Haley had accepted the position as the UN envoy largely to push her own political ambition on one hand, but also to represent the Republican establishment’s point of view within the administration.

Haley opposed Trump’s policies and resigned to prevent a “potential conflict between her and the Trump administration,” Preston said.

Preston said Trump’s approach toward China and Russia was the main cause of tensions between the administration and the GOP establishment.

“Trump has taken a fairly standard Republican position on Venezuela, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and all that,” he said, “but the big difference is probably Russia and China.”

“Trump has taken a somewhat more aggressive approach to China when it comes to trade policy and at the same time taken a more relaxed approach to Russia when it comes to international geopolitics,” Preston said. “Trump has also been somewhat more open to negotiation with the North Korean government than the past Republican administrations.”

Preston said that these relations were probably the source of Haley’s departure. “I suspect there was some kind of conflict over some of these issues between Haley and Trump.” he said.

“And I suspect that she left to further her objectives in the future which would be to be the representative of the Republican establishment in future elections,” the analyst concluded.

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