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The Establishment Hates a Sloppy Imperialist

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Regardless of how you feel about the son of a bitch (or his apparently abortion-shy bitch mother), it’s becoming pretty hard to ignore the fact that the establishment, personified by both major parties, the legacy media, and the so called intelligence community, fucking hates President Donald J. Trump. With the New York Times latest revelation of an inter-administration resistance and Bob Woodword’s latest tabloid airport flyswatter, the movement to remove or contain our red-headed stepchild of an Electoral College despot has never been more vibrant. This puts me in a pretty weird position, not just because I’ve devoted my life to bitch slapping bigots like the Donald and upsetting the fanged mandarins of the establishment who so oppose him but because I find it strange that these fellow swamp critters despise each other so damn much.

Some of this is obviously theater. Donald Trump ran a successful campaign largely on trashing the Fourth Estate that Middle-America has come to despise for their impressive track record of fooling them into unwinnable wars and shitty trade deals. And the Fourth Estate made this campaign possible with their round the clock coverage of the free-wheeling MAGA circus. Every time the press attacks Trump he gets to play the role of the anti-establishment victim that his fans identify with. And every time Trump makes some vaguely fascist empty threat against the mass media they get to play the role of the embattled crusaders for truth. In both cases, Trump sees his approval numbers go up and the press sees their ratings go up with them. It’s a mutually abusive, codependent relationship straight out of a Dr. Phil rerun.

But this still doesn’t fully explain the devotion that the mainstream political elite have to actually physically removing the Ginger Duce from power. In spite of all his Buchananite Isolationist rhetoric, Trump is still essentially one of them, isn’t he? Born into money, the Donald made his mint off the kind of corporate welfare that fuels the sickening lifestyles of this countries vaunted rapacious oligarchy. He threw cash around to all the right monsters, bankrolling a rogues gallery of Rockefeller Republicans and their Clintonian cousins (including the Clinton’s themselves). And his presidency largely reflects this grotesque legacy. The Donald loves all the horrid filth his establishment enemies love, unwinnable wars, Wall Street giveaways, minority strangling police states, all that good shit. Contrary to all Trump’s America First bullshitting, he’s essentially just another imperialist swine in a ten thousand dollar suit.

So why do the heroic imperialists in the “Steady State” despise their fellow pigfucker so damn much? My theory, if I could distill it down to a single sentence; Donald Trump sucks at imperialism. If there is one thing the establishment has come to hate more than the dreadful Isolationist (“No! Not peace!”) it’s a sloppy imperialist. With all his buffoonish bluster and irrational hissy-fits, Donald Trump makes the American Empire look bad. If you read the screeds of the NYT’s Anonymous and Bernstein’s bottom bitch close enough, you’ll find that the biggest complaint Trump’s fellow charlatans have is that he makes America look weak again in front of the geopolitical competition.

Where as past presidents have eliminated our pesky problem of freedom seeking refugees discreetly, Trump turns our cruel immigration system into a spectacle of barbarism befitting a Pasolini picture. Where as past presidents have framed our imperial NATO protection racket in Europe as some kind of globalist Kumbaya love fest, Trump shows up like his cigar-chomping slumlord father and barks “Where’s the fucking rent?”. Where as past warmongers waxed philosophic about humanitarian intervention and the right to protect, Trump rants and raves about blowing the shit out of people and stealing their oil. The sick fact is that Trump isn’t doing anything that Obama, Clinton, or Reagan wouldn’t do, he’s just moronically laying bare the harsh reality of the American way without any of that razzle-dazzle showmanship that we’ve come to expect from our career politicians. And the other big boys on the block are taking notice.

It was the Donald’s Sam Kinison style fire breathing that convinced South Korea to elect Moon Jae-in, a refreshingly rational pacifist who took the initiative with China’s help to start a peace dialogue with the North before Trump decided to switch gears and take credit for it as if he planned the mess all along. Even as Trump does his damnedest to sabotage the deal from within, peace on the peninsula rolls on unabated. America is on the verge of losing South Korea to the influence of their more coherent neighbors and Iraq and Syria aren’t far behind. This may not be a fix for America’s bloody War on Terror but god help me if I can’t see this as a move in the right direction. This is what the Steady State fears, the death of American prestige. The rest of the world welcomes it with open arms.

The hysterics on the right wan’t to view Trump’s war with the establishment as the scourge of a creeping deep state and the hysterics on the left wan’t to look at it as an Orwellian battle for democracy. They both may be right in their own myopic way but this anarchist prefers to look at it as imperialist on imperialist violence, and god knows the only good imperialist is an irrelevant one. In spite of the short term gains on the home front, both Trump and the Grey Lady are well on their way out. I say good fucking riddance.

Hand me the remote, dearest motherfuckers, let’s see what else is on.

Peace, Love, & Empathy- CH

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  1. Everything that has been going on for the past almost two years could be summed up thus: “We need to take the wind out of the sails of every White American through a series of tiny, imagined “wins” followed by immediate, devastating losses and rollbacks. Trump is perfect!” Plutarch Heavensbee (Hunger Games) couldn’t have designed a better strategy. We’re living the Vietnam of political hoodwinkery: we’re being worn-down through a series of carefully executed demoralizing events. And the kicker? Trump himself doesn’t need to be in on the game… because he’s plenty dumb enough to always react as expected. As are most Americans. Really think about it. Maybe that’s WHY many of the folks who’ve “gotten the ax” from the Trump admin aren’t angry or resentful? (because it’s all part of the act)… As conspiratorial and wacky as I know that sounds, at some level, doesn’t it resonate??

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