Where Are You as an Anarchist?

Guide to anyone confused (left to right, top row):
– Anarcho-Capitalists
– Anarcho-Communists
– Anarcho-Syndicalists
– Anarcho-Primitivists
– Mutualists
– Agorists
– Anarcho-Transhumanists
– Queer-Anarchists
– Anarcha-Feminists
– Anarcho-Pacifists
– Egoist-Anarchists
– Individualist-Anarchists
– Anarchists Without Adjectives

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This chart would be an overview of interaction between various N-AM communities, which serves as an umbrella for, sometimes mutually exclusive, ways of life.“- Zbigniew Boguslawski

The chart is also very atheistic/materialistic in that it leaves out a vast multitude of Anarchist variations centred on spirituality. Think of all the Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Occult groups, for example. And there is always room for thematic Anarchists, too, who may base their communities on sexual (beyond homosexuality), musical, dietary, historical, fictional or cinematic themes. The list is endless and the N-AM is the only movement on the planet that caters for such diversity.” -Troy Southgate

Anarcho-capitalism (AKA actually believing that absentee property exists without a state despite having 0 historical examples of this)

Anarcho-primitivism (AKA my utopia requires billions of people to die)
Mutualist (AKA obsolete political economy)
Post-left anarchism (AKA people who have given up on their dreams)
Egoist anarchism (AKA thinking that watching Ghostbusters is praxis)
Anarcho-transhumanism (AKA Elon Musk daddy please solve my problems)
Anarcho-communism (AKA thinking direct democracy prevents tyranny of the majority)

Anarchism without adjectives (AKA the radical centrism of the libertarian left)

Anarcho-syndicalism (AKA Catalonians stealing cows from innocent peasants)
Neo-Mutualist/LWMAs in general (AKA jerking off Kevin Carson)
Anarcho-pacifism (AKA Smash the Fash in the euphemistic sense)
Anarcha-feminism (AKA just an unspoken part of almost everything on this list, why should it get it’s own option)
Religious anarchism (AKA I hate hierarchy but have you heard of this God guy? he’s my lord)
Egoist Communism (AKA dr bones believes in magic so I do too)
Collectivist anarchist (AKA still butthurt about the 1st international)

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  1. Since “anarchists without adjectives” are the only ones who was spared of the cynical characterisation, any reader could easily guess to whom the writer’s sympathies belong.

    For the sake of balance, I would re-characterise “anarchists without adjectives” as such: “people who believe, despite all the knowledge of the human nature we possess, that people with mutually incompatible ideologies, united only by a rejection of the state, will be able to cooperate in a prolonged and productive way to bring the state down”.

    This does not mean that I dislike “anarchists without adjectives”. I just want them (including the aforementioned writer, some K. Preston) to understand that their aspirations and objectives are no less (and no more) “utopian” that the ones of the “anarchists WITH adjectives”.

    Yet the apparent “utopianism” of all and any forms of anarchism is not a criticism, too: anarchism is hardly more “utopian” that any political philosophy. In fact, it is less “utopian” than so-called “liberal democracy”, once itself a militant progressivist “utopian” dream-project, that today worship the current status quo, insisting the history has finished and we have achieved the best social regime possible (and rejecting any criticism of this position as “extremist” or – of course! – “utopian”).

    What people need to understand (and most won’t – it is both clear and painful for me) is that people who disagree with them are usually not delusional, ignorant, stupid, evil etc. – they are just people who made other choices in their lives.

    I still live by the “utopian” hope that one day more people will understand it better. This hope of mine is hardly worse than any other.

  2. All of you anarchists have lived too soft and comfortable here in The West. All this infrastructure you need to talk on the interwebs didn’t get built in a garage.
    True Anarchy is The Law of the Jungle. I doubt any of you have seen that in Real Life. Its not fun or in any way happy. The lack of The State means a Total Lack of Rule of Law. Have you EVER EXPERIENCED that? Its not at all “peaceful”, I assure you.

    • And maybe some of us agree that we’ve lived TOO soft and comfortable, thus all this talk about breaking free from our gilded cages. Conflict builds character. So tell me, which wing of the government do you worship, left or right?

  3. “Anarcha-feminism (AKA just an unspoken part of almost everything on this list, why should it get it’s own option)”

    I’m an anarchist, AND a woman, who is NOT a feminist. Actually, there are even anarchists in men’s rights groups. Men in the US currently have less legal rights than women.

    • Interesting, are these men’s rights anarchists Bob Black followers. Bob Black is the anarchist dude who started the “feminazi” meme back in the 1980s.

      • I don’t know if this matter to you, but I think Warren Farrell had some connection with Nathaniel Branden. Also, Justin Trottier, who created CAFE and the first shelter for abused men in Canada, was president of “Center for Inquiry Canada” (The Secular Humanist organization) and a Green Party of Ontario candidate. They like to point Ernest Belfort Bax as one of the firsts MRA, and apparently he was a socialist. Also, David Benatar, who is a pessimist and an anti-natalist, wrote a book about the subject: The Second Sexism. So at very least I don’t see it as a ‘right-wing’ thing only.

        • I’m not a MRA at all. I believe both men and women both deserve equality. Especially social equality as well as economic equity. What is anti-natalist?

          • I know you weren’t asking me, but an anti-natalist is basically someone who disagrees with bringing more babies into the world. Personal reasons may vary. For me, I disagree with parents who feel entitlement to respect just because they raised you. The whole “I gave you life, so I can take it away” thing.

            Being born is not a choice, but giving birth is.

            I don’t consider myself an MRA, so please don’t think I’m some misogynistic pig. Modern feminism, in my opinion, has simply gone way beyond equality of opportunity into genuine sexism against men. At least in “developed” nations like the US.

            • It seems like the anti-natalist MRAs are the polar opposite of Pro-Life Feminists. So, no thanks on anti-natalist. It’s no wonder why abortion is designed to serve the patriarchy.
              You’ll be surprised to find out that I’m Left-libertarian, New Age pantheist, an Pro-Life.

              • Eh, we’re not so different. Hell yeah for pantheism! I just tend to be the devil’s advocate, so to speak. I’m pro-life insofar as disagreeing with wanton abortion, but at the same time, I disagree with laws that either mandate OR restrict the right to any medical treatment. Including abortion, vaccination, and drug use. I’m an anarchist first and foremost.

                If I had to choose between a pro-choice protest and a pro-life protest, I’d side with the pro-life crowd. Likewise, if I had to choose between a feminist protest and a men’s rights protest, I’d side with the MRAs. If the pro-choice crowd had less feminists, and if the feminist crowd had less abortionists, then I might be interested. But the modern left is too logically inconsistent for my taste.

                I identify as anti-natalist in protest against those parents who demand respect and validation from their children, as well as those who demean people for choosing to have children. Being childless is selfish, but bringing a child into our awful modern world is such a wonderful gift? Then again, my own mother is a narcissistic bully. As am I.

                I especially disagree with women who have football-sized uterine tumors, who cannot carry a child to full term, trying and trying to conceive after multiple miscarriages. Like my mother-in-law. On one hand, of course I’m grateful she had my husband. But he was born extremely premature and barely made it here alive.

                Sorry to rant, I get quite heated about these things.

                • What kind of anarchist are you? I’m obviously a Neo-Mutualist, you know the Kevin Carson kind. Are you a Voluntarist, Agorist, Egoist, Mutualist, Anarcho-Syndicalist, AnPrim, National Anarchist, etc? One of the most well known left-wing anarchists who’s pro-life that I can think of is Dorothy Day.

                  • Hrm…. honestly, I guess the whole “anarchist without adjectives” thing suits me best. When I start adding adjectives, I need more and more to clarify my beliefs to all the “but but BUT” opposition. I considered myself an anarcho-primitivist for a few years, but I just don’t really fit in with them folks.

                    Maybe some obscure spiritual apocalyptic variation?

                    I really have no clue.

            • I won’t call you a misogynist anyway. You do have legit critique of the modern FAKE Feminism though. Did you know that there’s a growing rise of Pro-Life Feminism.

              • If by feminism, you mean equality of opportunity within the constraints of biology and physics, then you could consider me a feminist. An anti-natalist, anti-abortion, pro-choice feminist who supports medical freedom but finds abortion personally distasteful. But I feel that the word “feminism” is too obviously biased toward the female sex, and would rather be considered an egalitarian.

  4. None I know. I just call it like I see it, and I see quite a few anarchists (of both sexes) in my own personal life who are sick of feminist rhetoric. In fact, I haven’t met a single feminist who isn’t strongly authoritarian. But that’s just in my little Midwest habitat.

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