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Exclusive: Leaks show how Boston ‘free speech’ group acts as a front for far-right organizing

The Left has Refuse Fascism. The Right has Resist Marxism. Fair enough.

By Luke Barnes

Think Progress

Resist Marxism markets itself as a harmless conservative and libertarian group. But they have plenty of connections to the far-right.

Over the past few months, the so-called “alt-right” has found itself in a state of disarray.

Prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer has been booted from social media and is facing a funding crisis. The Traditionalist Workers Party has fallen apart after its leader, Matthew Heimbach, was arrested for assault and, now, been sent to jail for 38 days on the separate charge of violating his parole. In Charlottesville, Virginia, the groups that helped organize last year’s violent “Unite the Right” rally are being sued. Online infighting has prompted some far-right leaders to dox each other.

But while the far-right may be losing influence, the so-called “alt-lite” isn’t. This loosely connected movement of groups and individuals doesn’t outwardly emphasize racism and bigotry in the same way the far-right does. Instead, they focus on the “dangers” posed to free speech, and how political correctness, feminism, and identity politics are destroying the West.


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  1. The implication seems to be that you should be against free speech because some white nationalists support it. What else could they be trying to say? Of course the same tactic was used in the 1950s when the Civil Rights Movement was linked to Communism by some right-wing groups and segregationists. It probably would have worked better if the USG’s anti-Communist propaganda had stressed Communist mass murders like the Holodomor instead of the alleged threat to “free enterprise.”

    • Yes, exactly. Some of these people will say that they’re not “against free speech” in the sense of advocating the use of the state to suppress “right-wing” groups. Instead, they prefer to use mob action and vigilantism instead, because they know that a state that can attack the right-wing can also attack them. But if they actually held state power these “antifascists” would certainly change their tune.

      The task of serious anarchists is to build a revolutionary centrist movement that is 100% anti-establishment, but pushes left and right authoritarians to the margins, e.g. Communists, Antifa, Islamists, fascists, Nazis, and Alt-Right.

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