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This Revolution Is Non-Ideological

Absolutely correct. Ultimately, the battle is not between East and West, which merely represent different wings of the international elite. Nor it is about Democrats and Republicans, which merely represent different wings of the domestic elite. Nor is it about the “far left” or the “far right,” both of which are merely ruling classes in waiting.

By Caitlin Johnstone


I don’t write about socialism much. I’ve been a socialist my entire life and always vote as far left as the ballot will let me go, and that worldview certainly informs the way I think and write about the world issues I tend to focus on. But I don’t write much about socialism itself, or any other ideology for that matter.

This is because the revolution that I am always pointing to here is necessarily non-ideological in nature.


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  1. I always find it amusing that socialism and voting left are still synonymous. The left is fully consumed by elite neoliberalism, a vastly more exploitative and capitalist endeavor than any right wing government of the last century or more. Nothing short of a return to chattel slave plantations could be more reactionary than the world ensured by neoliberal hegemony and yet that world is the bespoke dreamland of “socialists,” today.

    • Yep. Almost every “left” party of even marginal influence in the Western world today is a neoliberal party. Even SYRIZA didn’t take long to start brown nosing Merkel.

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