Left and Right

Power and the Main Threat to Liberty

Jeffrey Tucker responds to Goofy Gillis.

By Jeffrey Tucker

American Institute for Economic Research

William Gillis’s review of my book Right-Wing Collectivism is complimentary but critical on many points and mainly on one central point to which he continually returns. He believes that my focus on state power has blinded me to other forms of power, and therefore to the urgency of a more comprehensive anarchism.

“If the book as a whole were a little stronger Right-Wing Collectivism would have stood as a wonderful counterbalance to the focuses of leftist antifascists,” he writes. Instead, he says: “Tucker’s focus on the state creates its own kind of myopia. If the left fails to really grapple with how anti-market fascism ultimately is, Tucker fails to really grapple with the problem of nationalism outside of formal statist contexts.”

And it’s not just nationalism, in the author’s view; my supposed myopia extends to a huge range of social power: corporate, familial, gender, religion, and so on. I neglect these and therefore default back to anti-statism and therefore market economics as the solution to all life problems.


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