Robert Stark talks to Giovanni Dannato about Alt-Center Neo-Tribalism

The Stark Truth. Listen here.









Giovanni Dannato blogs at Colony of Commodus and is the author of APOSTASY and A Kingdom For the Introvert. Follow Giovanni on Twitter.


Scarcity of Social Capital Sustains Institutions
The importance of social capital in determining human desires and the general direction of societies
Dissident Success Requires Cities
The impropriety of suffering the presence of the underclasses in cities that rightfully belong to society’s best cooperators
Suburban Populism Beats Rural Traditionalism In Mass Identity Politics
The shifting of alliances in the Middle East and how ethnic struggles there presage the future of US internal politics
The disintegration of the coalition on the fringes
The Alt-Right disillusionment with Trump
The direction of American politics, especially the development of a true “alt-left” from disillusioned Bernie progressives
The emergence of an Alt-Center
The cultural and Class Divides in dissident politics
The importance of culture and aesthetics
Social Status within Counter-Cultures
Sexual Harassment Hysteria Seriously Undermines the Establishment

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