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  1. When it comes to “national defense” issues, I’m not so much interested in privatizing the army as much as in building popular resistance to war and imperialism. I think one of the most important and successful movements in US history was the anti-Vietnam War/anti-draft movement of the 60s and 70s. That had the effect of delegitimizing the draft to the point of making it almost impossible politically, and delegitimizinng imperialism to the point that Americans won’t accept war if any sacrifices are required on their own side. Public opinion turned against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at the first sight of blood.

    This has reduced the state to having to fight wars with de facto indentured servants, mercenaries, and proxy armies, plus technology, which can do a lot of damage still. But I can only imagine what would have happened if George W Bush had a WW2-sized military under his command

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